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"And in that day shall ye say, Praise the Lord, call upon His name, declare His doings among the people, make mention that His name is exalted. Sing unto the Lord; for He hath done excellent things: this is known in all the earth" (Isa. 12:4-5).

God’s Guidance And Grace   I thank God so much for what He has been doing in my life. I thank Him for guiding me, for His grace upon my life, and for all the blessings He has been giving me. God is so good!
 – Bro. Stanley, Oct. 2012

He Surprised Me   I needed a job desperately because my bills were piling up. I was distributing my resume when I met Pastor in a mall. I explained my desperation to him, and he prayed over my resume and told me to believe it is well. I believed it is well, and two days later I got a job. Honestly, I was surprised. Thank You, Jesus!  
– Bro. Gbade, Oct. 2012

Long Awaited Answer   I have been searching for answer to a particular challenge in my life for almost ten years. The first time I met the Pastor, his first statement led to the answer I have been searching for these past years. It was unbelievable! I thank God.
– Bro. Derrick, Jan. 2011

My Yoke Was Destroyed  I have never given a testimony before in my life, but it is important I share this to the glory of God. I had this yoke that locked my stomach in excruciating pain since I was eleven years old. It defied all medications. But at the time Pastor asked us to pray and decree during the vigil that every disorder in our inside receive order, suddenly I felt something move inside me as if something was being untied. Immediately I felt calmness all over me and for the first time the pain vanished. Praise God.
– Sis. Ethel, May 2013

He Has Done So Much   I thank God for the blessings and miracles He has brought into my life and the lives of my family members. We have made specific requests to Him and He has answered them all. I also thank God for friends and the church. God has given me salvation and has allowed me to get to know Him better through this church. I am surrounded by children of God so they help to keep me on the right track in my Christian journey. Thank You, Lord! 
– Sis. Grace Kamya, Sep. 2013

Amazing Answers   I was a struggling, backsliding Christian for a long time, but then I started praying for God to turn my life around and help me to find a special church. My prayer was answered when God lead me to Living Praise Chapel. Since then, I have experienced so many wonders, including healing. God truly is the Lord of all flesh and nothing is too hard for Him (Jer. 32:27). Thank You, Jesus.
— Bro. Jake, Apr. 2011

God Is So Good  Two weeks ago, Pastor Samuel asked everyone to write down three things that they wanted God to do for them. My main one, regarding an old business debt that was hanging over my head, has been answered. The government has decided to give me extra backpay for 11 years of work, and that was enough to pay off the loan. I am overwhelmed and don’t know how to thank God enough.  
– Sis. Gloria, Sep. 2011

Thank God For Divine Healing   I had this bump on the back of my left hand for some years. I suffered discomfort, even excruciating pain, from it. I was given prayer points for healing and I anointed it daily with oil. The pain stopped and after a few weeks the boil-like bump melted away. I didn’t even notice until recently. I am grateful to God. 
– Sis. Ronita, June 2012

My Faith Works  We just ended seven days of special prayers that Pastor had arranged for us. It was time to appreciate God’s goodness. I didn’t have much, only a few coins, and not even a dime left at home. With faith I gave it all. The next day my Mum sent unexpected money to me from Uganda. It was a surprise—God surprised me for that little offering. Thank You, Jesus.
– Sis. Grace Kamya, June 2012

Great Deliverance  I am grateful to the Almighty God delivering from a very serious plague. Thank you Jesus.  
– Bro. Tope, July 6th 2014

He Healed me  I am given thanks to God for miracles He has performed in my life. I came to this Church with all kinds of health issues, diabetics, body pains etc. Overtime I trusted God to deal with them all. And last week, I was in Victoria to conduct a test and to the glory of God no single health issues remain in my body.  
– Sis Sandra, March 1st 2015

GOD'S FAVOR I want to thank God for His miraculous favor. I was picked by my school instructor and recommended for award in School.  
– Toba Coker

The Move of God I give thanks to God for today's service, most especially how God moved mightily in my life during prayer session.  
– Sis. Moji, April 19 2015

God Proved Himself I thank God for my life and academics. It has been years of frustration and fear but through His grace I remained steadfast and He helped me with great success.  
– Sis. Mariella

God Blessings I thank God for a good job and good success in my exams.  
– Bro. Abel

Escaped Accident I thank God Almighty for protecting me from untimely death through accident on highway.  
– Sis. Sandra

Divine Protection I thank God for protecting me from death by electric shock.  
– Bro. Femi, 24th May 2015

Miracle Admission I thank God for granting me admission into the MBA program.  
– Bro. Chuka, 24th May 2015

He saved my son I thank God for saving the life of my son.  
– Sis. Laide

Thanks I give thanks for the exciting program and for the support of the Church.  
– Sis. Sandra, May 31st 2015

He saved my daughter I thanked God for saving my daughter from death by drowning.  
– Sis. Arogundade.

God of abundance I thank God for answering my prayers during the seven days program. I thank Him for doing more than expected.  
– Sis. Dise.

Victory I thank God for dissapointing the plans of the enemies in my life.  
– Elder Ogamba.

Healing Glory be to God for healing me. For six months I have pain in my hands and arm. But I got healed after the Holy Communion of 31st July. Praise God.  
– Elder Kinyomi.

He healed me I am grateful to God for healing Mr of chest pain at the December 2015 crossover program.  
– Mummy Jessica.

He healed me Thanking God for my mom's birthday at 50 and for immeasurable favor and protection of my entire family.  
– Sis. Grace, March 27th

Divine Protection Thank God for protecting from untimely death.  
–Brother Femi

Divine Protection Thank God for protecting from untimely death.  
–Sister Yinka Jeboda

Spirit of failure failed I am thanking God for dissapointing the spirit of failure in my life.  

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